Contactless digital patient check-in & screening

An image shows the visualization of a pre-appointment COVID pre-screening

A new kind of waiting room

Helps practices adapt to the contactless era, ensuring patient and staff safety. Perform all pre-arrival tasks effectively and control the flow of patients to the practice in an efficient manner.


Image depicts Doctible's Five Star rating from Software Pundit


Image depicts Doctible's 5 star rating from Software Pundit.

How it works

Pre-arrival Health Questionnaire

Pre-arrival Health Questionnaire

A link to a health survey is sent 24 hours and 1 hour before each visit.

Includes your practice's safety protocols.

Health Questionnaire Completed

Health Questionnaire Completed

Patient completes survey and is informed of virtual waiting room based on survey answers.

Status Ticker Updated

Patient Health-status Ticker Updated

Staff can track real-time patient health status updates with Doctible's dashboard.

Patient Arrival Indicator

Patient Arrival Indicator

Patient texts "here" to indicate they've arrived.

The arrival indicator is automatically updated.

Ready for Patient

Ready for Patient

When staff is ready, a single click on a patient name notifies them to enter the office, along with any instructions or reminders (i.e., wear a mask).


an Icon used to signify Contactless Intake achieved with Doctible's Virtual Waiting Room: A Finger covered by a circle bisected by a 45 degree slash

Contactless intake ensures safety

An Icon used to signify that Doctible's Virtual Waiting Room Streamline patient check-in: A check mark

Streamline patient check-in

an Icon used to signify that Doctible's Virtual Waiting Room Increased patient satisfaction: A smiling face

Increased patient satisfaction

An Icon signifies that Doctible's virtual waiting room Reduces practice liability: The scales of justice

Reduces practice liability

An Icon used to signify that Doctible's Virtual Waiting Room supports Two-way communication to simplify patient outreach: A  circular thought bubble with three horizontally aligned dots in the middle of the thought bubble

Two-way texting simplifies patient outreach

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