How Chiropractors Can Improve Their Online Reputation Management

September 28, 2021
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Key Takeaways

  • Unlock Growth with ORM: Explore how professional Reputation Management (ORM) services from Doctible can elevate your chiropractic practice by automating review requests, increasing positive reviews, discreetly handling complaints, and preventing fake reviews.
  • Automated Review Requests: Overcome the awkwardness of seeking reviews by automating the process. Consistently gather feedback from every patient, boosting your online presence on platforms like Google and Facebook.
  • Boost Positive Reviews: Leverage high patient satisfaction to encourage loyal patients to leave positive reviews. Identify satisfied patients through our Reputation Management dashboard, ultimately increasing the number of positive reviews.
  • Discreet Complaint Handling: Handle negative feedback discreetly. Receive automatic alerts for negative experiences, gain insights into at-risk patients, and promptly resolve issues to enhance overall patient experience.
  • Prevent Fake Reviews: Ensure authenticity by using built-in technology to flag and eliminate false claims. Quickly and cost-effectively monitor and prevent fake reviews, safeguarding your professional reputation.

Discover how chiropractors can use professional reputation management services to improve their online reputation.

What is online reputation management?

Reputation management for chiropractic practices involves taking steps to establish and maintain a positive online image.

  • Patient feedback collection
  • Review monitoring and analysis
  • Reputation crisis management
  • Patient engagement and interaction

Why is online reputation management important?

Over 70% of patients read reviews before booking a medical appointment, and most patients trust the reviews they read online.

Not having an online reputation management system could limit chiropractors' opportunities to attract new patients and grow their practice.

A positive online reputation helps prospective patients discover your practice online and can convince them to choose your practice over your competitors.

How can professional reputation management services help chiropractors improve their online reputation?

Reputation management services offer solutions to help chiropractors maintain a strong reputation with minimal effort, allowing them to dedicate their full attention to patient care.

1. Request patient reviews automatically

Asking patients for reviews can be an uncomfortable task – as a result, many chiropractors may send review requests only once or twice a year.

Proactively sending patient review requests helps you compete with other practices that consistently ask every patient for a review.

  • Automatically send feedback requests to every patient after their appointment
  • Gain a consistent flow of reviews on popular platforms such as Google and Facebook
  • Improve your online search ranking to help new patients find your practice on search engines like Google

2. Increase positive patient reviews

Many chiropractors are actively involved in every aspect of their patients' care, which can lead to higher patient satisfaction.

Leverage your high patient satisfaction by ensuring that your loyal patients leave a positive review for your practice after their appointment.

  • Use patient surveys and patient satisfaction trackers to identify your most satisfied patients
  • Send automated feedback requests to your satisfied patients
  • Increase your number of positive reviews and attract new patients

3. Handle patient complaints discreetly

Chiropractors often provide more direct patient care compared with other medical professionals, which can increase patient satisfaction.

Some patients may feel uncomfortable sharing negative feedback in person with their chiropractor, causing them to keep important feedback to themselves.

  • Allow patients to voice their concerns online in private
  • Receive constructive patient feedback to share with your staff privately
  • Handle complaints directly with patients and offer solutions to improve your patients’ experience

4. Minimize the effect of negative reviews

Responding to negative reviews can be a time-consuming task for busy chiropractors.

Handling negative reviews effectively plays an important role in helping your practice improve its online reputation and retain existing patients.

  • Receive automatic alerts if a patient has a negative experience
  • Get insights into patients who are at risk of not returning
  • Resolve issues promptly and take corrective action

5. Prevent fake reviews

Ensure all feedback is authentic and from real patients.

Use built-in technology to flag false claims to maintain a positive and professional reputation.

  • Monitor reviews more quickly and cost-effectively
  • Avoid and eliminate false reviews, inappropriate content or irrelevant complaints
  • Reduce potential damage to your online reputation

6. Improve patient engagement

Many chiropractors may not have the time or tools to regularly nurture patient relationships.

Chiropractors also may not have the time to respond to all reviews, which could affect their patient experience.

  • Send appointment confirmations and reminders to patients automatically
  • Autorespond to patient reviews to maintain engagement during busy periods
  • Communicate with patients via text or email to increase patient engagement and satisfaction

Boost your practice's return on investment with Doctible's HIPAA-compliant automated reputation management solutions

  • Patient satisfaction tracker
  • Review booster technology
  • Automated patient feedback requests
  • Review monitoring services
  • Automated review engagement
  • Easy integration with your practice management system


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