How Optometrists Can Stand Out Through Online Reputation Management

October 12, 2021
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Key Takeaways

  • Stand Out and Attract New Patients: Learn the art of differentiation to stand out in the competitive optometry landscape. Focus on enhancing patient satisfaction, building robust relationships, and delivering personalized services to create a distinct identity.
  • The Power of Online Reviews: In today's digital era, online reviews are the new "word of mouth." Understand how over 70% of patients rely on reviews for decision-making, and discover the impact of positive online feedback on your practice's visibility and search engine ranking.
  • Strategies for Practice Growth: Dive into actionable steps to grow your optometry practice. From active patient engagement and effective feedback collection to referral programs and boosting your online presence—these strategies are your pathway to success.
  • Building a Strong Online Presence: Elevate your optometry practice's online presence by sharing valuable content on your website and social media platforms. Leverage the potential of social media to create brand awareness, engage your audience, and improve your search ranking.
  • Managing Online Reviews: Discover the art of responding to reviews. Effectively engage with both positive and negative feedback to enhance patient satisfaction. Learn how professional patient communication software, like Doctible, can streamline these processes, allowing you to focus on patient care and practice growth.

Discover how optometrists can grow their business through online reputation management solutions.

Stand out from your competitors to grow your practice

It’s important that optometrists make themselves stand out in order to attract new patients and get more business from their current patients.

Optometrists can stand out by focusing on increasing their patient satisfaction, creating strong patient relationships, and delivering high-quality personalized service to patients.

With satisfied and engaged patients, optometrists can build a positive online reputation and ultimately attract more patients.

How does online reputation management help optometrists grow their business?

In the past, optometrists would get their name out there through word-of-mouth recommendations.

In today’s digital world, online reviews are the new "word of mouth", and optometrists have new ways to grow their business and attract new patients.

Over 70% of patients do research and read reviews before making an online appointment, and around 85% of patients trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation.

Having many positive online reviews means that more people are likely to visit your website. The more people that visit your website, the higher your practice will rank on search engines like Google.

Today, successful optometrists must have a strong online presence, which involves paying attention to their website and social media content, local search ranking, and their online reputation.

How to grow your optometry practice, attract more patients, and improve your online reputation

1. Engage your patients

Actively engage your patients, including when they're not at your practice. For instance, send appointment confirmations or invitations via text message or email.

Keep your current patients loyal and engaged by sending monthly newsletters with relevant updates, industry news, or helpful insights related to eye health.

Use social media to create positive brand awareness for people who have never visited your practice. Promote your products and services, share promotional offers, and educate your audience by posting valuable content.

2. Collect patient feedback

Patient surveys help you gain insights into your patient satisfaction levels and identify areas that could be improved to enhance patient experience.

Patient feedback allows you to quickly address patient concerns and take corrective action before a problem escalates and leads to a negative review.

Make sure you consistently receive up-to-date feedback by sending a survey via text message or email to all patients after their appointment, rather than sending one survey to patients annually.

3. Offer a referral or loyalty program

It’s important that your patients continue returning to your practice and recommend your services to others. Try using a referral program to incentivize loyal patients to send more people to your practice.

Offer gift cards or discounts to patients who refer your practice to a friend, or offer a yearly loyalty program in which patients receive reduced rates for every year that they come to your practice.

Referral programs are effective because people listen to those they trust. If a patient's friend recommends your business, they are more likely to visit your practice over a competitor who they have no connection with.

4. Boost your online presence

Share valuable content on your website to build patient loyalty and trust by showing how you set yourself apart from your competitors.

Remember to share content on your social media platforms to ensure that people find you when they search for optometrist recommendations through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Post photos, giveaways or announcements regularly to boost engagement and build a connection with your audience. This also helps improve your search ranking and drive more traffic to your website.

5. Respond to reviews

Engaging with online reviews contributes to patient satisfaction. Respond promptly and courteously to all reviews, especially negative reviews.

Acknowledge patients' complaints and offer a solution to resolve the problem, if possible. Handling complaints effectively could make patients remove their negative review or even change their negative review to a positive review.

Responding to positive reviews also allows you to nurture your patient relationships and could encourage other patients to leave positive reviews.

6. Utilize patient communication software

Professional patient communication software can help optometrists improve patient satisfaction quickly and with little effort.

Patient communication software offers built in technology to help you improve your patient engagement while also helping your business streamline processes and function more smoothly.

Send patients automated notifications and alerts to increase engagement and reduce no-shows, and automatically invite patients who have not visited your practice in a while to schedule an appointment.

How Doctible helps optometrists grow their business through online reputation management

Managing your online reputation can be time-consuming, but it’s vital that optometrists monitor their reviews and their online presence to grow their business and attract more patients.

Your online reputation affects how current and prospective patients form an image about your practice and decide whether you’ll earn their business.

Professional reputation management software offers advanced technology to take care of administrative and marketing duties, allowing you to save time and focus on improving your patient care.

Doctible is a patient communication platform that offers reputation management solutions to help practices improve their local search ranking, create a positive reputation and grow their business.


Request a consultation with Doctible today to learn more about how our online reputation management solutions can help optometrists effectively grow their business and attract more patients.

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