How to Add Images to Campaigns

How to Add Images to Campaigns

Make your patient communications more engaging, more personal, or just more exciting.
Follow these steps to add images to your Campaigns' messaging in Doctible's patient engagement platform.

  1. Select the Templates option under Campaigns
  1. Select the Template you want to add images to or create a new custom template to get started.
  1. Add your campaign information to the available fields.
  1. Find the folder on your computer with the images you want to use in this Campaign. Select the image you'd like to add.
  1. To upload an image to the Campaign, drag your preferred image into the draft of your message. You can also select UPLOAD to browse your files and find the image on your computer to add. We recommend adding images that are no larger than 600px in width.
A preview of your Campaign message appears to the right of your screen.
  1. Save your Campaign by selecting SAVE AS TEMPLATE in the upper right portion of the screen.

It's always a good idea to test new Campaigns to see if your message looks the way you expected. You can do this by selecting TEST.

Next, you can schedule your message by selecting SCHEDULE, and send it to patients by selecting SEND.

Now, you're ready to engage your patients with unique and customized messages!

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