Add a Patient Communication Platform to Practice Management Systems

April 12, 2021
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Key Takeaways

  • Improved Patient Engagement: Practice management software platforms should streamline patient communication through two-way texting, email campaigns, and automated reminders, boosting engagement and reducing no-shows.
  • Enhanced Patient Experience: Patients appreciate flexible communication options, personalized outreach, and digital waitlist management, leading to a more positive and convenient experience.
  • Increased Staff Efficiency: Automating tasks like appointment confirmations and rescheduling frees up staff time for improved patient care and practice operations, saving up to 3 hours daily.
  • Integration with Existing Systems: Doctible seamlessly integrates with over 40 practice management systems and EHRs, eliminating data entry and streamlining workflows.
  • Measurable Results: Doctible users report reduced no-shows, improved patient satisfaction, and increased staff productivity, showcasing the platform's effectiveness.

Better patient engagement and improved patient experience with Doctible's Patient Communication Platform

Consistent communication allows expansion of your medical or dental practice with loyal patients. Your practice has prospective, one-time, and retained patients. With constant and compassionate communication. More patients will join your practice, and you’ll retain more patients.

How can you use patient communication software along with your practice management system?

A practice management system

Helps your medical or dental practice streamline day-to-day operations

Thus making administrative activities and billing more straightforward and less time-consuming.


EHR’s don’t ensure effective patient communication. That’s why your medical or dental practice needs patient communication software.

Two ways to add a practice communication platform. To your practice management system, EHR or EMR

  • A standalone package
  • One that can integrate with your current EHR or EMR

The key benefit of integration

Eliminate the need to manually input data

  • Saves time
  • Decreases duplicated effort
  • Helps avoid data entry errors

Integrates with +40 practice management systems, EHRs, or EMRs

See Integrations

The implementation of state-of-the-art technology in Doctible's healthcare communication platform

We can lessen the burden. If your staff is spending hours every day:

  • on the phone making calls
  • leaving or listening to voice messages
  • individually confirming each appointment

Two-way texting for better patient engagement

With the Doctible patient communicator, you can send HIPAA-compliant texting to patients.

Dana, Operations Manager Potomac Psychiatry (on Doctible’s Two-way Texting Module)

Use your office's landline number

Staff can send and receive text messages. Makes it easy for patients who have saved your number to quickly tell who is contacting them.

Patients prefer texting

Two-way texting makes it easier for them to communicate with your staff

Most patients find sending a text message more “joyful” than having to place a call or listen to phone system prompts, and likely never directly speak to anyone.

Outbound phone calls often go unanswered.

Texting makes things easier on your staff

Nobody enjoys being interrupted while doing an important task or just relaxing with friends or family.

Receiving and making phone calls keeps staff engaged completely and consumes a lot of time. On the other hand, secure HIPAA texting allows staff to maintain several conversation threads simultaneously.Jon OrtegaProduct Manager, Doctible

Engage patients via email campaigns

Doctible’s medical and dental patient communication software. Provides the option to connect with your patients through email campaigns. Campaigns are best suited for newsletters, updates, and event information.

Email campaigns

Engage multiple patients at once. Reduce your staff's workload with pre-defined templates.

  • Use existing templates
  • Edit templates
  • Create your own

Reminders reduce no-shows


Practice affected by no-shows, late-shows, and last-minute reschedules? Use automated reminders and two-way text messaging. An easy fix to inefficient communications and confirmations.

Patients often will not answer phone calls. They might be busy or prefer voicemails.

People increasingly ignore calls and voice messages, expecting to receive a call back if it’s important. Phone-based reminders take up hours of staff time and can leave unwanted gaps in your schedule.

Doctible’s patient communication platform

Addresses the "no-shows problem" with automated confirmations and reminders.

  • Text reminders at 30 days, 7 days, 1 day, and 1-hour intervals before the appointment
  • Final reminder includes directions and traffic updates
  • Patients are more likely to view and confirm texts

We very rarely have no-shows… Doctible’s confirmation text messages and reminding people about their appointment and confirming them that way is a great way to make sure that all of our slots are consistently filled.TaraGarnet Valley Eyecare

Patients more likely to view 30-day & 7-day reminders. Also more likely to reschedule their appointment proactively if they're unavailable. Early cancellations or reschedules provide ample opportunity to fill gaps with other patients.

Advanced reminders are sent out automatically

When Doctible is connected with your practice management system staff will appreciate automating these often thankless, tiring, and tedious tasks.

Make sure your practice is patient-centric and personalized

Offer patients multiple platforms to connect with you

Flexible, patient-centric communications develop a better practice - patient relationship.

Four ways efficient patient communication improves the patient experience

  1. Solicit honest feedback to improve the practice. Proactive changes improve patients’ experience.
  2. Employ two-way texting so patients have the freedom to communicate at their convenience.
  3. Patient-initiated messages allow them to instantly engage with your practice, making it easier for them to request appointments, follow-ups, refills, and more.
  4. A virtual waiting room ensures contactless intake and automated visit screenings. Virtual waiting rooms keep patients and staff safe and ensure staff has ample time to speak with patients who need extra help and triage exceptions.

Patient reminders and two-way texting benefit your staff. Doctible's integrated digital communication tools. Automate or ease scheduling and communication duties. Allows medical or dental staff to shift their focus to patient care and day-to-day practice operations.

Save from 12 hrs/month to 2-3 hrs/day

Your staff won't need to waste hours every day

No more:

  • calling
  • leaving messages
  • confirming appointments

Before, we were spending anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours confirming patients. Now it gets done in like 15-20 minutes. It has helped significantly.Beatriz Vidal

With Doctible integrated with your EHR

Those who miss appointments will be automatically rescheduled. Staff won't even need to manually track patients who need to schedule an appointment for their next checkup.

Are you already using the Doctible Patient Communicator or automated reminders?

Check out this video of all the updates made in 2020. Jon, Doctible’s product manager, covers all the new features and functions:

January 25, 2024

See Doctible in action.

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