Virtual Waiting Room Increases Safety & Patient Flow!

Published by Cindy Biddle on Dec 27, 2021 7:41:00 AM

Doctible's Virtual Waiting Room Helps Staff Manage Patient Flow


quote-blue-91ae6cc56082f34127b2156df2523a4d2603712a623645e63e8c5fd5a340ea82There’s a vast difference in how it expands our reach, because now we’re able to really increase our business flow. - Administrator



Virtual Waiting Room Dashbord

Managing the flow of patients during the pandemic has complicated front office life.

Our Virtual Waiting Room visually tracks each patient’s “status” using grey, green, yellow, and red colored indicators. Use it to visually track both in-office and telehealth appointments.



Happy Patients - Happy Team


quote-blue-91ae6cc56082f34127b2156df2523a4d2603712a623645e63e8c5fd5a340ea82Staff is the most critical resource. Their time is valuable. The guidance of the Virtual Waiting Room: the gray, the red, the green, the yellow… it gives them a quick visual view of the visit. - COO


Doctible's Virtual Waiting Room - Helps Front Office Staff

  • Easily track who has been pre-screened
  • Automate 24 hours & 1 hour pre-screenings
  • Use text messages to send and receive pre-screening questionnaires
  • Alert patients when it’s time to enter the practice (when waiting in their car)

Virtual Waiting Decreases Risk Factors

By ensuring social distancing during the check-in process, the Virtual Waiting Room helps protect both staff and patients against the spread of highly contagious new variants of COVID-19.

Data shows that the new variants of COVID-19 have a higher R value, or reproduction value, meaning they are more infectious than the original strain.

While the original strain of COVID-19 has an R value of 1-3, the R value for Delta generally falls between 6-7, and Omicron is estimated to have an R value of 3-5.


quote-blue-91ae6cc56082f34127b2156df2523a4d2603712a623645e63e8c5fd5a340ea82What the Virtual Waiting Room actually does is provide a more efficient workflow for our team. Whether it’s red or it’s gray, they’re able to hone in on what delays may occur in those visits, and adjust as necessary. - Practice Manager


The Virtual Waiting Room improves the patient’s experience, too.

Patients receive a clear set of steps to follow. When patients arrive there are no delays. Communication starts 24 hours before their visit — keeping patients informed and making it easy to comply with COVID-19 screening protocols.


quote-blue-91ae6cc56082f34127b2156df2523a4d2603712a623645e63e8c5fd5a340ea82From a patient’s perspective, a safe environment where they can get quality care as well as provide meaningful use of their time… especially for well child checkups, the Virtual Waiting Room actually does that. - COO




Front office staff are following up on dozens or hundreds of visits each day. Each visit can have 3 or 4 additional points of contact within 24 hours of the visit.

  • The economic impact can be significant
  • If managed poorly, it will also harm the patient experience


quote-blue-91ae6cc56082f34127b2156df2523a4d2603712a623645e63e8c5fd5a340ea82If it’s taking such a long time to service one patient, then it just is delaying everything else, and it’s income lost. - COO


quote-blue-91ae6cc56082f34127b2156df2523a4d2603712a623645e63e8c5fd5a340ea82You can clearly communicate with the patient what your protocols are, what your processes are, and then still really provide that quality care. - Administrator


Doctible’s virtual protocols were built to increase profitability, safety, and improve patient experience. Doctible’s Virtual Waiting Room allows staff to see an entire day’s schedule at a glance. Grey, red, yellow, and green “flags” help staff track each patient’s progress.

Virtual Waiting Room - Patient texts practice here while waiting in car

quote-blue-91ae6cc56082f34127b2156df2523a4d2603712a623645e63e8c5fd5a340ea82We’re able to answer hundreds of texts  a day compared to answering 25 phone calls. - Practice Manager





Doctible’s Virtual Waiting Room helps medical offices virtually screen and in-take patients, ensuring that everyone has a seamless visit. When the office is ready for the patient:

  • A single click will alert them that it’s their time to enter


quote-blue-91ae6cc56082f34127b2156df2523a4d2603712a623645e63e8c5fd5a340ea82Customer care is of utmost importance. If we can get the patient in and out of a visit, then they’re more apt to literally give us a better review in social media or recommend us to other individuals. - Office Manager



We have an on-demand webinar for the Virtual Waiting Room. It runs 36 minutes, and you can watch, pause, and fast forward. Click here to sign up and watch for free.


Interested in reading more about Doctible’s Virtual Waiting Room?



quote-blue-91ae6cc56082f34127b2156df2523a4d2603712a623645e63e8c5fd5a340ea82Virtual Waiting Room improves our quality of care and improves patient experience. We can easily manage contactless screenings, forms, and payments ahead of a visit. — Administrator





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